About PBID


Welcome to Downtown San Pedro!

The San Pedro Historic Waterfront Business Improvement District (PBID) is a 501(c)(6) public benefit corporation that was established in 2008.

The San Pedro Property Owners’ Alliance (SPPOA), administer of the San Pedro Historic Waterfront Business Improvement district is a coalition of property owners united in their commitment to enhance the quality of life in the heart of Downtown San Pedro. It aims to help the downtown district achieve its full potential as a great place to own a business, visit, work or live. To assure that Downtown San Pedro is safe and clean, the BID’s team of maintenance, safety and customer service guides augment LA City services. Representing over 795 parcels in San Pedro, PBID works to expedite the revitalization  and beautification of Downtown San Pedro

Our Organization

PBID currently has 17 Board Members of property owners, residents, business owners and community-at-large representatives.   As a reminder, all Board and Committee meetings are open to the general public. Property owners, including both public and private sectors, within the PBID boundaries are assessed annually for services provided by the PBID and divided into four separate budgets to fund projects and initiatives as determined by the assigned committees and appointed board members.

The PBID’s activities are overseen by a Board of Directors, whose names and board positions are listed on the left. A monthly board of directors meeting is virtually held at 9:00am on the first Wednesday of each month.  This meeting is open to the public. A copy of the meeting’s agenda is posted on this website no later than 72 hours preceding the actual meeting. Agenda postings may also be viewed at the San Pedro Property Owner’s Alliance Office located at 390 W. 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731. For a link to the Zoom meeting, please email Francis Ruiz, Fruiz@sanpedrobid.com 

An annual stakeholders’ meeting is held to review the PBID’s accomplishments. For more detailed information on dates and location or if you would like to be added to the distribution list, please email Francis Ruiz at fruiz@sanpedrobid.com.

Our Services 

These services include maintenance, beautification, marketing, events, visitor ambassador programs,  tourism, safety and security, economic development, and capital Improvements.Additionally, the PBID will develop and implement projects for the benefit of its stakeholders that include streetscape and alley lighting enhancement, beautification and infrastructure remediation. Marketing, public and community relations are continuous activities that support the District’s economic and business development goals.

The property owners within the PBID area are referred to as stakeholders. All activities and capital investments made by the PBID are required to be made solely for the benefit of the PBID’s stakeholders and to encourage economic vitality.

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Formed in 2008, the PBID’s boundaries extend from 4th Street on the north to 9th Street on the south and west from Harbor Boulevard to Pacific Avenue.

The PBID’s goal is to provide a District that fosters business development, expanded retail sales, ownership of residential real estate and tourism in a clean, safe environment for Downtown San Pedro. View Boundary Map (PDF)